News 2 July

XenZone Launches ‘The Thought Report’ to Share Latest Mental Health Thinking

New Site Sees XenZone Enter Brand Publishing Space

XenZone, digital mental health pioneer, has today launched a new editorial platform – The Thought Report – which is set to publish the latest in mental health insight, incorporating its own expertise and contributions from respected external professionals.

The new site will launch with an Essential Guide to Young People and Social Media. The Guide includes therapist tips, articles and wide-ranging advice on issues such as bullying and exploitation.

Future topics will tackle a wealth of mental health issues, from education, outcomes and services, to self-harm, eating disorders and knife crime.

Explaining the rationale behind the launch, The Thought Report’s Editor, Lex Young, said: “As an organisation, we’re keen to share what we know about mental health, and to learn from every expert in the field.

“The Thought Report signals our intention to publish our insight, research and knowledge in one place. We hope external mental health professionals will join us in furthering and sharing knowledge.”