News 19 February

XenZone Launches New Emotional Resilience Programme for Young People

New course aims to address and prevent mental health issues among UK’s children and young people and earns Quality Endorsement Licence (QEL) from Open College Network West Midlands.

XenZone, digital mental health pioneer, has launched a new Emotional Resilience Programme aimed at addressing and preventing the escalation of mental health issues among children and young people. The course has been developed primarily for young people in year 7 who are negotiating secondary school, and has already earned a respected Quality Endorsement Licence (QEL) from Open College Network West Midlands.

Young people are nominated by teachers who believe they would benefit from learning more about their emotional resilience.

The eight-week programme supports young people in addressing mental health issues early, decreasing the chance that problems are left to escalate. It aims to increase young people’s emotional resilience, self-worth and understanding, teaching them how to recognise triggers, difficult situations and how best to cope with them.

Topics covered in the programme include:

  • Resilience – what it is and identifying the factors that can contribute to it
  • Recognising the impact of morals, values, beliefs and cultures on thoughts and behaviours
  • Impulse control with flexible and accurate thinking, and how listening to others can offer multiple solutions to an issue
  • Understanding how and when assertiveness is appropriate
  • Learning how to negotiate an appropriate outcome
  • Empathy: what it means and how to use it
  • Boundaries and the choices we have in different situations
  • Positive and negative coping strategies
  • Support networks

The Programme has been developed by clinical staff at XenZone working with the organisation’s flagship service, Kooth, which offers online counselling and emotional wellbeing support for children and young people. Kooth is available in more than half of all Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) areas.

This new course is provided as part of XenZone’s existing programme of workshops and school assemblies in commissioned regions, and is a chance for young people to develop greater knowledge whilst earning a national qualification.

XenZone’s Clinical Director Dr Lynne Green commented: “By teaching young people emotional resilience, we’re reflecting the national preventative agenda. We’re offering early help for those who are already experiencing difficulties with emotional wellbeing, while also helping to prevent future issues emerging or escalating. The more young people understand emotional resilience, the greater chance they have of coping with everyday life stresses, learning within the academic environment and having positive self-esteem – all of which are important factors in helping young people navigate their way through life.”

Clare Preston – Business Development Manager commented “XenZone has recently gone through our rigorous Quality Endorsement Licence (QEL) Centre Recognition Scheme process. We are pleased to welcome XenZone as a recognised Open College Network QEL Centre and look forward to working with them as we believe that the learners will benefit from the QEL Emotional Resilience Programme.”