Connected Counselling brochure

This brochure details XenZone’s strategic vision, our approach to mental health provision and our online services Kooth and Qwell.

Service Without Thresholds whitepaper

XenZone and The Children’s Society have come together to transform mental health services and support for vulnerable young people aged 0–25 years. We’ve developed a new model to create a truly joined-up service to deliver better mental health and emotional support services for children, young people and young adults.

The role of digital for CYP mental health services

Elaine Bousfield, Founder and Director of XenZone discusses her vision of a blended future for all mental health services for children and young people, in BACP Children & Young People.

CAMHS: Taking Early Action Presentation

Kooth card

Kooth poster

Kooth poster (Welsh)

Kooth card (Welsh)

A new digital risk and resilience resource for professionals

XenZone and MindEd launched an Online Risk and Resilience resource for professionals working with children and young people. The new resource was covered by the BACP.

The goal and the alliance – introducing CoGS

Goal-based measures function as both outcome tools and valuable support for the therapeutic alliance throughout the intervention. A research project at XenZone – awarded seed corn funding by
BACP – has proved the benefits of their interactive CoGS tool (Aaron Sefi, Business Development Director, XenZone).

Delivering outcomes for young people – XenZone report on CoGS

This report explores CoGS (Counselling Goals System)  – an outcome tool from an internally commissioned piece of research to evaluate the use of outcome measures online.

Kooth Blended Partnership Tier 2 Service Delivery

XenZone are proud to present a seamless way of delivering essential Tier 2 counselling support to children and young people across the UK through Kooth. This document details how our Tier 2 service delivery works with our partners.

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) for self-harm

A pilot project by Kooth to harness the power of DBT to tackle self-harm in young people has been met with significant success, to be rolled out into other areas – Elaine Bousfield, Founder and Director at XenZone explains to the BACP.

Self-Harm and Suicide Amongst Children and Young People – a research report

By Dr Sue McAndrew. Commissioned as part of a multi-phase workforce development and research project for Knowsley Self Harm and Suicide among Young People Working Group. Commissioned by NHS Mersey (on behalf of Knowsley Clinical Commissioning Group) in order to supper the delivery.