Online counselling and emotional wellbeing service providing adults with early intervention support.

About Qwell

One in four adults in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year.

Qwell is a lifeline for many adults in need of mental health support.

The picture is complicated: people may be struggling with social determinants such as smoking, bad housing or unemployment which may be playing a major role in their wellbeing. Some are carers and some are living with entrenched problems or long-term conditions. Others are coping with anxiety or depression.

Qwell is an easily accessed prevention and treatment service.

Free to use, it represents an extension to traditional IAPT support, with a strong focus on recovery and prevention and offering pre-assessment care.

Adults accessing Qwell can do so without the waiting lists or thresholds often associated with traditional services. They can join online peer support communities, access self-help materials or engage in drop-in or booked one-to-one online chat sessions with our experienced counsellors.

Qwell works in partnership with traditional community health providers and provides links and pathways to traditional and specialist face-to-face services.

For commissioners, XenZone provides data and insight on service use and impact.

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