Qwell is an early intervention, online counselling and emotional well-being service for adults and those transitioning into adulthood.

Nearly a fifth of adults in England have experienced mental illness but have never been diagnosed¹. Qwell removes many of the barriers to accessing mental health support, be that the associated stigma, the cost, or feelings that symptoms are not severe enough to warrant help.

Timely access to services is a top three priority for people looking for mental health support with 1 in 3 people wanting to choose their own method of treatment². Qwell meets both of these needs as counsellors are online up to 10pm, 365 days a year to provide readily available, appropriate and accessible mental health support through any connected device.

Our Clinical Director leads the clinical team. All counsellors are employed by XenZone, are members of the BACP, UKCP or registered with HPC and must have at least three years’ post-qualification experience. They receive clinical supervision both internally and externally and work under strict governance procedures.

¹HSCIC Health Survey England, 2015
² The Five Year Forward View Mental Health Taskforce: Public engagement findings, 2016
³ Time to Change

1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem in any given year.³

For Commissioners

Qwell provides local authorities with an innovative, effective, outcome-focused solution for mental health support in their area. As a commissioned service, everyone over the age of 18 living within that region can access self-help materials and resources, peer-to-peer support and forums, as well as drop-in counselling and regular structured counselling sessions, free at the point of need.

We work closely with local authorities, CCGs, mental health trusts, charities and others to build local and national pathways. In this way we ensure the support we provide in the digital world has strong links to the physical world.

If you’re interested in commissioning Qwell, please contact us.

For Universities

80% of students reported that the stigma attached to mental illness would act as a barrier in approaching someone for support.¹

Designed for the digital generation, online counselling from Qwell provides students with instant, 24-hour access to a range of self-help and fully moderated peer-to-peer support wherever they feel most comfortable, from their smart phone, tablet or computer.

BACP accredited counsellors are available 365 days a year up to 10pm, either through pre-booked sessions, or drop-in chats. Qwell integrates easily with existing student support services and Universities receive full aggregated reporting on usage, presenting issues, service interaction and outcomes.

If you’d like to find out more about Qwell for universities, please contact us.

¹Silently Stressed: A survey into student mental well-being NUS Scotland.