News 7 April

Qwell, an online mental health and wellbeing service for adults has been commissioned in Cambridge and Peterborough

CPSL Mind has commissioned Qwell, a free, online counselling and emotional wellbeing service for adults from digital mental health experts XenZone. Adults in Cambridge and Peterborough will be able to access Qwell to gain support and guidance in whatever capacity, whenever they need it. 

Qwell offers adults free access to a range of materials to assist them with their psychological well-being. These materials range from educational, self-help articles, peer to peer support via live forums, with the option to contribute their own articles or forum entries. Adults are also able to receive counselling from qualified counsellors via drop-in or scheduled online chat counselling sessions. 

The service is accredited by British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and offers early prevention and treatment for members of the community without stigma or waiting times. 

“At CPSL Mind, our vision is a society in which everyone has positive mental health and feels part of a connected community – when this was planned as part of our Good Life service we could not have imagined social distancing and dramatic changes impacting on the way we are currently living”, explains CPSL Mind CEO, Aly Anderson.

“We are all adapting to the online environment to stay in touch, so connecting individuals with both each other and trained professional counsellors in safe, supportive online communities via Qwell will truly enhance the support we offer our community.”

Dr Lynne Green, XenZone’s Chief Clinical Officer said, “we encourage adults from Cambridge and Peterboroughto use this service as a source of support during this difficult time. From peer generated content right through to individual counselling from trained and experienced professionals, we aim to help at a range of levels and create a much needed sense of community. We would urge people not to wait until they are at crisis point before reaching out for help – we can provide support through the peaks and troughs but prevention is always the best way forward.

About CPSL Mind

CPSL Mind promote positive wellbeing across their communities and campaign against the stigma & discrimination faced by so many people experiencing mental health challenges. 

CPSL Mind has adopted national Mind’s values and principles and is committed to providing quality services that anticipate, meet and exceed the needs of service users, workers and stakeholders.