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University of Manchester
Dr. Terry Hanley

Terry has a long standing relationship with XenZone due to his interest in online counselling and therapeutic support. He has written widely around the topic of digital interventions, exploring the pluralistic therapeutic approach, therapeutic alliance online, and digital peer support, most recently exploring why young people use online forums such as those available on Kooth. Terry is currently working with our Research and Evaluation team to support the development of outcome measures for digital counselling and online peer support.

University of Nottingham
Dr. Elvira Perez Vallejos

Elvira is an Associate Professor of Digital Technology for Mental Health and Digital Technologies at Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre. She has a particular interest in data ethics and using machine learning/artificial intelligence (AI) for the development of mental health interventions. XenZone is working with Elvira on a number of workstreams, including using AI to support moderation of content written by children and young people, such as comments, forum posts and article posts. Other projects in the pipeline focus on deepening our understanding of digital wellbeing, and identifying user journey clusters through a digital intervention.

London School of Economics
Dr. Sara Evans-Lacko

Sara’s research explores mental health services and support, with a particular interest in prevention. Sara’s work explores the role of stigma, discrimination and mental health literacy within mental health services. Sara and the team at the Care Policy Evaluation Centre (formerly PSSRU) are supporting the wide-scale evaluation of Kooth’s peer support programme which is being developed as part of an award from the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI). This work will look at the social and economic impact of supervised, moderated peer support online for children and young people.

University of Bristol
Dr. Roisin McNaney

Roisin’s interests lie in understanding how new and emerging technologies can support the monitoring and management of chronic or enduring health conditions. XenZone is working with Roisin and the University of Bristol in an exploratory piece of work to understand how peer support might be used to engage a diverse range of typically vulnerable communities in improving their mental health and wellbeing.

Centre for Mental Health
Nick O’Shea

Nick is Chief Economist at the Centre for Mental Health. As a macro-economist, he specialises in financial analysis, economic evaluation and investment cases for health and social care interventions. Nick is working with XenZone on a consultative basis to support the development of measures and processes to test the economic benefits of XenZone services.