Our Work

Since XenZone was founded in 2001, we have helped over 95,000 young people and adults towards better mental health and emotional well-being.

Each month our counsellors run thousands of sessions and respond to tens of thousands of messages and emails, supporting individuals with a variety of needs at differing levels of complexity, be it anxiety or depression, feelings of self-worth, friendships, bullying, self-harm or any of the many other issues facing children, young people and adults today.

We are proud to work with local authorities, CCGs, mental health trusts, charities and others within the area of mental health. We ensure we integrate closely with their existing services to achieve the best results them, be they a commissioning body, a child, young person or adult.

Featured Case Studies

Lincolnshire Council

Lincolnshire County Council commissioned Kooth for its 11-18 year olds, as part of its focus on early intervention and prevention.

Devon Council

Kooth provides early intervention online support for young people in Devon through the Early Help for Mental Health service.

Cornwall Council

Delivering early intervention online and face-to-face mental health support through Kooth in Cornwall since 2012.


Jesse looked for support on Kooth following the break up with his partner, which resulted in him having suicidal feelings.

Our Clients

"Kooth provides genuine choice and flexibility for young people who need support with their mental health and well-being."Cornwall Council
"I have been exploring Kooth over the past few days and I have encountered some lovely people offering great support! Joining Kooth was a search for inspiration towards my recovery and I think it is a step forwards."Kooth user
“In all of my various roles I have never felt as supported as I have here at XenZone, I love the work online as a counsellor with the young people, and I continue to learn and be challenged each day.”XenZone counsellor