Our story

In 2001 we led the way in putting counsellors online, reaching those less likely to walk through the therapist’s door. Today, we are breaking ground again, using data and AI to create new models in preventative, early response mental healthcare.

What we do

We are making clinically excellent practices available to more people so they can thrive outside the shadow of poor mental health.

Digital technology enables us to deliver services at the point of need, without having to wait, to large numbers of people and at an affordable cost.

We are strong proponents of early intervention to prevent poor mental health and as early response support. Our clinical team operate in a pluralistic framework – recognising that there are key ingredients to therapy that runs across different models. They are trained in a range psychological approaches (including CBT, DBT, humanistic and psychodynamic psychotherapy) and take an integrative approach to delivering therapy online, underpinned by an evidence base and with a strong grounding of theoretical knowledge.


What we do

Meet the team

Management team

Tim Barker
Annie Meharg
Giles Alexander
Sanjay Jawa
Elaine Bousfield
Dr. Lynne Green
Chief Clinical Officer
Jan Clitheroe
Operations Director
Aaron Sefi
Chief Research & Insights Officer
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Our technology vision

Our long history of delivering online counselling and support, means we hold unique data which will ensure technology is used to its best effect in mental healthcare. Building future models of care requires cutting-edge development and research. We seek to hire and collaborate with the sharpest thinkers in emerging technologies. Our work into AI and machine learning is already underway, and investigations into how we can use deep learning, RNNs and LSTMs will follow. 

Co-production is part of our organisational DNA; nowhere is this more apparent than in technology. The best technology can’t be helpful if no one uses it. We build beautiful and delightful apps, web and chat experiences designed to be part of the therapeutic process.

Our technology vision

Commission us

XenZone works hand-in-hand with NHS commissioners to bring accessible, digital mental health support to children, young people and adults. Today, we are commissioned in more than 95 Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) areas. If you’re considering digital as a means to provide scalable, transformational mental health support in your area, please get in touch.

Helping Beryl, 14, Explore her Mental Health Issues

A case study showing how Kooth supported Beryl, 14, in exploring mental health issues related to body image, sexuality, eating and anxiety.

Safeguarding Young People Online: Beth’s Story

This is a summary of how we worked with Beth; there were further disclosures and many more stages where we provided support.

University of the West of England

Last December, the University of the West of England set out a new mental health strategy, trailblazing the way towards better support for students.

Lincolnshire County Council

Lincolnshire County Council commissioned Kooth for its 11-18 year olds, as part of its focus on early intervention and prevention.