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“Nothing is ever bad, it’s only how we perceive it”: Reece Parkinson and Kooth reminding students to stay calm ahead of exam results

· Leading British influencers star in motivational Kooth #PositiveFutures campaign, offering advice to students on how to deal with exam results day stress
· BBC Radio 1 Xtra DJ host Reece Parkinson opens up about his own experiences around exam results day
· Research from Kooth reveals that 44% of exam age students are presenting with issues around anxiety/stress. Demand for Kooth up by 15% since last year

London, UK August 11th 2020 – Kooth, the UK’s leading mental health platform for children and young people, and six leading social media influencers and campaigners have joined together to launch the #PositiveFutures campaign to help support students’ mental health ahead of exam results season. The influencers’ video will go live three days before the A-Level results (August 10th) and end on GCSE results day (20th August).

The social media campaign known as #PositiveFutures will see the five influencers opening up about their experiences around exam results day and sharing inspiring messages and coping tips for surviving the day if things don’t go according to plan. Radio1 Xtra DJ Reece Parkinson will be the first to share his experiences on Wednesday 10 August. Ben Peachey (writer, activist and podcast host), Mikaela Loach (activist, podcaster and 4th year medical student), Grace Mouat (West End star) and Louis Hopgood (fashion marketing and promotion student and model) will all contribute throughout the campaign.

New data from Kooth has revealed that 44% of exam age students are presenting with issues around anxiety/stress. The findings also showed that almost 15% of students are presenting with depression issues and feelings of self-worth are affecting 14% of exam age students. Demand for Kooth services has also increased by 15% since this time last year.

Reece Parkinson said: “My experience (on exam results day) was really split in half. Half of me was really prepared, focused to get my desired result. But the other half was full of worry and anxiety after I had completed the exam, not knowing if I got the result I needed. Realise you have done all you can and whatever happens will be a lesson to take with you on your next stage in life. Nothing is ever bad; it’s only how we perceive it.”

Ben Peachey said: “This results season is tougher than we have ever seen before, and it will be a hard time for a lot of anxious young people. I am happy to discuss results during this stressful time, to bring perspective and understanding for results that may feel life-changing. This is not the end, just the beginning, and things will be all right!”

Dr. Hannah Wilson, Head of Clinical Governance & Clinical Psychology Lead at XenZone said: “We’re delighted to be working with Reece, Ben and the other influencers who have joined this campaign. We’re grateful for them all for sharing their different experiences of exams, and their journeys to where they are now. The whole exam period can be stressful in different ways, whether it be anticipatory nerves, receiving the results themselves, or making decisions afterwards. We’ve created this campaign to help students cope with these experiences, and to know that you are not alone with them. Remember, if things don’t go as you’d hoped, or you want to talk about any of your thoughts and feelings around your results, Kooth is here for you.”

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