News 5 December

Minds for Life Partners with Girl Tribe Gang

Digital mental health platform Minds for Life, from XenZone, is proud to announce a collaboration with the female entrepreneur and aspiring entrepreneur collective, Girl Tribe Gang. The partnership will involve exclusive access to the Minds for Life anxiety app and its First Listener professional support program.

Girl Tribe Gang is a national community of women who work for themselves, are spinning a side hustle or who aspire to quit the 9-5, with a mission to support and nurture entrepreneurism and connect like-minded women in their local communities. Girl Tribe Gang has a network of almost 40 (and growing) tribes nationwide which meet up every month, in real life across the UK.

They are passionate about starting a conversation about stress and mental health amongst what founder and psychotherapist Catherine Asta Labbett, describes as a ‘huge hidden workforce of women working from their kitchen tables’. Catherine is passionate about championing this workforce and reducing feelings of loneliness and isolation among women who work for themselves.

Girl Tribe Gang commissioned their own research in support of the 20th Anniversary of National Stress Awareness Week in November, to understand the causes of stress and what that stress looks and feels like amongst this huge hidden workforce of women. Hundreds of women responded, with almost 40% saying that they have felt isolated and lonely in the last 12 months. Additionally, almost half of respondents reported that ‘social media’ and ‘comparing themselves to others’ was a major cause of stress for them, with two thirds saying that ‘fear of failure’ was a constant cause of stress for them and 8 out of 10 women reporting  feeling ‘exhausted’.

Most shocking was that 1 in 4 of the women they surveyed said they’d experienced ‘chest pain’  in the last 12 months, with over two thirds saying they ‘didn’t have time to exercise or eat a balanced diet’.

Catherine Asta Labbett says that “This hidden workforce of women are on the edge of burn out. A whole generation of them, and I’m not convinced that their health and mental well being is on anyone’s radar. These are the women who don’t take sick days, because there is no sick pay when you work for yourself. These are the women who will put off making that appointment to see their GP, or booking in for that smear test  because they ‘don’t have time’.”

Catherine adds, “Social media has become a 24/7 world. Female entrepreneurship has grown exponentially. Life has become busier. We’ve become disconnected. Workplace stress policies and charters don’t apply to this hidden workforce of women. There is no occupational health department. Or well-being strategy. Nor is there a line manager looking out for you. We have to support and champion this evolving hidden workforce of women. Because we are a ticking health time bomb and it’s something we will be championing and campaigning for in 2019. This partnership with Minds For Life therefore is a really positive step forward and brings support to our members up and down the country.”

Minds for Life is a family of mobile apps, from leading digital mental health provider XenZone.  They  bring clinical best practice in recovery and self-management to those seeking mental health support on their own terms. Covering common mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression, as well as trauma (including grief), the mobile apps offer psychoeducational learning as engaging, interactive content. They also provide practical strategies and wellbeing tools and assessments, along with immediate access to experienced, professional therapists.

XenZone is the largest digital mental health platform in the UK. XenZone uses technology to help remove the barriers hindering children, young people and adults from accessing mental health support. XenZone works closely with the NHS, CCGs, local authorities and other organisations to deliver an innovative approach to mental health delivery. The Minds for Life brand extends XenZone beyond commissioned services, offering individuals the ability to download support direct from the app store, and to businesses as part of employee wellbeing programmes.

The Minds for Life #FirstListener professional support package is a free service and the first of its kind. A First Listener is an online influencer with an engaged following who unexpectedly finds themselves at the frontline of mental health support. The Minds For Life #FirstListener package is designed as a first step towards equipping online influencers with the tools and techniques to call on when their work – or personal time online – takes them into emotional support territory. There is now a dedicated website set up for influencers and others who would like to look into the #FirstListener programme:

Minds for Life will be offering Girl Tribe Gang members exclusive access to First Listener webinars and free access to their new Anxiety app.