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XenZone welcomes your comments on the service it provides. We are committed to providing high quality services and activities. Complaints are one way that we can monitor, improve and develop our services.

XenZone encourages those who use its services to be involved in the management and decision-making processes. This helps to ensure that what we offer is what you want. We all do our best but sometimes things go wrong. If they do, you can make a complaint and we will try to make things right.


Who can complain ?

  • – Anyone who uses the services, and their parents or carers
  • – Employees of commissioning bodies
  • – Partners
  • – Volunteers


What is a complaint ?

Any form of dissatisfaction with the good service you are entitled to, for example:

  • – Failure to achieve acceptable standards in our services
  • – Dissatisfaction with the way you have been treated
  • – Dissatisfaction with decisions that affect you

A complaint is a way of letting us know if we have been unfair, or made a mistake, so that we can stop it happening again. XenZone has a number of policies and guidelines to help regulate its work. Copies of these are available on request to


If you would like to make a complaint please fill in this form and a member of the XenZone team will be in touch.

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