Kooth is an online counselling and emotional well-being support service for children and young people available free at the point of use. An early intervention solution, Kooth helps to reduce waiting times for young people seeking help while removing the stigma associated with accessing mental health support.


One in 10 children and young people (aged 5-16) have a clinically diagnosable mental health problem, yet 70% have not sought appropriate interventions¹. Kooth helps to reduce the stigma attached to young people accessing support, by providing a safe, confidential and anonymous service available through any connected device.

Young people log on to Kooth through their smart phone, tablet or computer to access counsellors online up to 10pm, 365 days a year, along with self-help materials co-produced by other young people, live moderated forums and fully-moderated peer-to-peer support. XenZone’s team of accredited counsellors, therapists and support workers provide guided and outcome-focused support for each individual.

XenZone are continuously collaborating with local authorities, CCGs, mental health trusts, charities and other organisations within mental health to provide an early intervention solution through Kooth.

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¹The Children’s Society (2008) The Good Childhood Inquiry: health research evidence. London: Children’s Society

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The first online counselling service for children and young people in the UK, Kooth can also be provided as a blended service in which both online and face-to-face services operate together.

Kooth offers a range of interventions dependent up on the complexity of presenting need. This includes information and advice through peer-to-peer support, self-help resources, drop-in counselling sessions, regular structured counselling, and liaising with other services.

Our Clinical Director leads the clinical team. All counsellors are employed by XenZone, are members of the BACP, UKCP or registered with HPC and must have at least three years’ post-qualification experience. They receive clinical supervision both internally and externally and work under strict governance procedures.

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Kooth users

85% prefer online counselling compared to face-to-face counselling

70% login outside office hours

97% would recommend Kooth to a friend

97% are planning on returning to Kooth soon

Jesse's Story

Jesse looked for support on Kooth following the break up with his partner, which resulted in him having suicidal feelings.

"I have been exploring Kooth over the past few days and I have encountered some lovely people offering great support! Joining Kooth was a search for inspiration towards my recovery and I think it is a step forwards."Kooth user
"Thank you so much for all the support you're giving me, I honestly can't thank you enough. You are helping me feel great, I really look forward to chatting with you every week, you make me feel so so happy ."Kooth user
"Thank you for all your support and guidance, it has really helped me take a step in the right direction. It's been a lot easier talking this way than if it were face-to-face. I don't know if I would have been able to say what I wrote."Kooth user