Kooth News 3 July

Kooth Debuts Innovative New Mini Activity Hub for Children, Teenagers and Young Adults

Teenager on laptop
  • Kooth, the UK’s largest digital mental health support platform for children and young people, has launched a Mini Activity hub on the site, aimed at encouraging children and young adults to develop helpful habits, connect with others and express and manage their feelings.
  • The new feature provides a range of activities to complete covering a variety of topics designed by XenZone’s clinical team to help improve wellbeing.
  • Children and young people can access Kooth’s services without any waiting lists, thresholds or referrals.

XenZone, the UK’s largest digital mental health provider, has debuted a new mini activity hub feature on its flagship Kooth service, with the aim of encouraging children and young people to share and express their feelings. The hub is free to access; young people can select from a growing menu of activities.

The activities cover a wide range of mental health topics including good sleep hygiene practices, mindfulness techniques, and breathing exercises. One of the new features asks children and young people to “Create Your Own Coping Box”. They’re asked to create a box filled with items from around the house that can help to soothe or distract in times of distress. This has already proven very helpful with participants:

“This is so helpful because whenever I feel that things are getting too much, I always have something to calm me down”.
“I just finished making my coping box and it makes me feel really at ease”.
“I included a stuffed animal, my favourite book of poetry, a photo album, and a stress ball. All these items make me feel better and less anxious.”

Each activity, overseen by XenZone’s clinical team, is designed to keep children and young people engaged in a way that is fun, therapeutic and useful.

The new tool also features an “activity discussion board” which enables users to comment on their chosen activity and share what they found helpful or challenging . The user can see what others have learned from completing the activity and exchange ideas as part of an ongoing discussion thread.

As well as the new mini activities feature, Kooth allows young people to access a range of resources including discussion boards, self help articles, and an online journal. They are also able to chat via instant message anonymously and in confidence with qualified counsellors, from 12pm-10pm on weekdays and 6pm to 10pm on weekends, 365 days of the year.

XenZone’s chief clinical officer, Dr Lynne Green, said: “We’re excited to introduce our audience to this new and engaging content. It can sometimes be difficult for children and young people to put in words what they are feeling. With the activity hub, we hope to help children and young people identify and express these complex emotions in a healthy and accessible way.”

Kooth, accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and commissioned by the NHS, is available to over five million children and young people from 11-25 years of age.