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28 November
Digital health specialist XenZone and the University of Manchester have launched a research report, defining the specific ways children and young people are benefitting from digitally-delivered mental health support.
11 October
"How digital services are transforming UK mental healthcare. Companies like Kooth cut down waiting times by connecting people to real-life therapists"
17 September
XenZone's Charlotte Mindel examines the link highlighted by adolescents accessing digital counselling via Kooth, and considers ways in which trend data can be used to improve services. Please note this article first appeared in the September 2019 issue of BACP Children, Young People & Families journal, published by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. ©BACP 2019
22 July
Zoe Blake, XenZone CEO, talks about her background and her 25 years in tech businesses, her personal experience of mental ill health in her family, why you shouldn’t judge a company by what they raise, how she has scaled XenZone and how digital could be the answer to the huge demand for mental health services.
25 June
Technology is meant to connect us but with self-service machines at supermarkets to quiet ride options on Uber. Is the use of technology making us more lonely and disconnected from one another?
20 May
It’s Mental Health Awareness Week hosted by the Mental Health Foundation and this year’s theme is body image. Improving awareness of mental health issues, as well as promoting people talking about mental health at a population level, is incredibly important to me and I see technology becoming an ever more important way of scaling access to vital mental health services.
20 May
The global focus on mental health has started a cultural shift in how we understand and support it. For many, it has prompted a realisation that there are – or will be - more of us who have suffered in some way and to differing degrees than haven’t.
17 May
Zoe Blake, CEO of XenZone – the UK’s largest provider of digital mental health services – describes how her organisation is tackling recruitment differently – and the benefits it is experiencing as a result.
2 May
Web content editor Ian Bolland caught up with Zoe Blake, CEO of XenZone, who talks about her belief in technology as agent for positive change, and how she intends to stay at the forefront of delivering the digital mental health services people need.
30 April
Elaine Bousfield, founder of XenZone, explains how social media companies can actively improve mental and emotional wellbeing.
30 April
Dr. Lynne Green speaks to Nishat from Open Access Government about NHS eating disorder treatment
24 April
XenZone CEO Zoe Blake contributes towards a Guardian article focusing on digital mental health support.
24 April
XenZone's Clinical Director, Dr Lynne Green, was interviewed on BBC Radio 4. The piece also included a quote from a Kooth user. Skip to 31:52.
24 April
"Giles is CTO of XenZone, an 18-year old tech business helping people (especially children and young people) improve their mental health. We query how that affects their design decisions, touch on data and bias, and how best to work with the NHS."
24 April
With mental health heavily impacting the UK economy, Zoe Blake, CEO at XenZone discusses how flexibility and support can help tackle this issue.
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