News 1 July

XenZone and The Children’s Society collaborate to remove tiers for young people

‘0.7% of NHS funding is spent on children and young people’s mental health and only 16% of the 0.7% is spent on early intervention.’
CentreForum, 2016, Children and Young People’s Mental Health: State of the Nation

Too many children and young people are being let down by the lack of easily available, integrated mental health and emotional well-being support.

In response to this escalating need, XenZone and The Children’s Society have collaborated to offer a new combined digital and face-to-face model of mental health and emotional well-being support for children and young people.

Working with a network of partners and established health and social care systems, XenZone and The Children’s Society will provide children and young people with clearly outlined pathways of referrals to specialist mental health care, thereby widening their access to support, removing tiers and making it easier for the support services around them to work together.

The service model starts with a central hub of combined online and face-to-face counselling support which is free for children and young people to use. Face-to-face counselling is available 7 days a week for up to 25 year olds, and online counselling is available 365 days a year up to 10pm for 11–25 year olds. From this central point there will be a clearly outlined pathway of referral to specialist mental health care.

More detail can be found in our ‘Service Without Thresholds’ white paper.

‘The ideal of truly joined-up services goes well beyond linking face-to-face and digital counselling. It’s about creating partnership working for a holistic system. Young people, children and families need a simple route in. The individuals and institutions that support them in everyday life – midwives, health visitors, primary and secondary school teachers, pastoral support staff and carers – need a simple route in too.’ Elaine Bousfield, Chair and Founder, XenZone.

‘The current levels of mental health support are doing an injustice to young people – and particularly to vulnerable young people. They do not need barriers to access support; they deserve immediate access to mental health professionals once they have had the courage to ask for help.’ Rob Willoughby, Area Director of the Midlands, The Children’s Society.

If you would like to find out more, please email us at XenZone or The Children’s Society.