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Investigating Adolescent Mental Health Literacy

Parity of Esteem, translated as giving equality of value between mental health and physical health, became a legal responsibility of the NHS in the Social Care Act 2012. This was acknowledged by the Five Year Forward View for Mental Health through the introduction of waiting time standards and a push for early intervention for those […]

A Counsellors Guide to Exam Results

As exam results day approaches, it can be hard to know how to prepare for the grades you get: it may seem that your whole future is sealed within that envelope. Whether the outcome is what you hoped for or not, you will learn something from your results regardless of what grades you achieved. Kooth […]

Innovating Peer-to-Peer Support

Mental health is complex and critical. As well as tackling the stigma associated with talking about it and seeking help, there is the spectre of unmet demand which we know can lead to unnecessary suffering as issues escalate and require more intensive and expensive treatment. If we are serious about tackling mental health for everyone […]

Why We Need To Go Boldly Where Young People Already Are

It would be obvious to point to a generational divide when looking at how we use the internet. We know that young people’s lives are fluid: online or offline, the picture is blurred as to become almost irrelevant. It is just the means by which they get information, present themselves or communicate. It’s not important. […]

Universities: Hiring more counsellors is not the answer

This may seem like a controversial statement. After all, aren’t we all aware of the rise in mental health issues among students across the UK? Haven’t we read about students being unable to access vital mental health support services while studying? The point Professor Steve West, Vice-Chancellor of the University of the West of England, […]

Understanding Behaviour is the Key to Reducing School Exclusions

If I was in a job where I felt I was being left behind while colleagues around me were promoted and praised, I’m not sure how motivated I’d be. And if my boss was constantly pressuring me to improve and applied non-negotiable sanctions for my perceived lack of performance, I would probably leave. If I […]

A Therapist’s Guide to Managing Exam Stress

During Mental Health Awareness Week, Kooth Counsellor Neil Garrity offers some invaluable advice to help with anxiety and stress this exam season… Click the headings below if you wish to skip straight to that topic: Revision and exam stress Support from school or college Anxiety and food Managing stress levels Mindful breathing exercise Exam and […]

Green Paper on Mental Health Under Fire: Our Response

  The Select Committees’ response to the Government’s green paper on mental health support for young people has been unapologetically direct.   The Education and Health and Social Care Select Committees’ report scrutinised the “foundations and development” of the green paper and have found it to be wanting in several critical areas. The report’s title, […]

How Therapy Can Help with Self-Harming Behaviours

In the 1970s, an important advance was made in therapy. Like all good therapy, it emerged through the wisdom and practise of treating clients and experiencing their ‘stuckness,’ but also through the personal lived experience of a therapist. In this case it was a psychologist, Marsha Linehan, who herself had suffered from bouts of overwhelming […]

Why we need Anonymity in Therapy

We know that young people are prone to making themselves vulnerable to criticism and attack online. While they are looking for a platform where they can interact, they also need a safe place online where they are not exposed to the usual social media highs and lows. A place that allows them to move around […]

Speaking out against Child Sexual Exploitation

Today, on National Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Awareness day, I have been reflecting on a turbulent year. I’m thinking about the work I do in the context of the huge awareness campaigns and ongoing investigations and prosecutions in relation to sexual abuse and child sexual exploitation.  This past year women’s and men’s voices have grown […]