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Technology Brings Greater Accessibility to Mental Health Support

Along with other experts in the field I was filmed recently for a programme on Sky about technology and mental health. The debate was an interesting one: there was an acceptance that digital should have a role to play in supporting people with mental health issues, but there were clear reservations. This is a fairly […]

The Real Support our Students Need

A lot of people ask me why mental health services have seen such a dramatic spike in demand. They say that years ago people didn’t have such problems; they question whether labelling low mood as depression causes more problems than it solves; they blame “snowplough” parents for raising “snowflake” children; they point to a lack […]

Education Policy Institute Report Shows Therapy Working in a Digital Age

We’ve believed in online counselling for children and young people for a long time. We knew that therapy was therapy whether it took place in a room with two people, over the phone or online. We could see that young people wanted the freedom to talk about their problems and worries without necessarily involving their […]

Working for Change: How Employers can Provide Mental Health Support

On World Mental Health Day, Louise Garrod, HR Business Partner at XenZone discusses ways employers can support their staff. Earlier this summer, a manager’s response to an employee taking some time off for her mental health went viral. While people love to emotionally invest in tales of unattainable fantasy, there was something more tangible in […]

Best days of your life? How to give students better mental health support

Many young people have packed their bags and headed off for life in a shared house away from home, having become fully fledged university students. Where once the media reported this exodus from the family home in a light-hearted way, mocking students’ inability to wash clothes or fend for themselves, the mood today is starkly […]

Policing and Mental Health: the right support

Last week, at the Mental Health and Policing Conference, we were met with some uncomfortable truths and some searing and honest speeches. Opening with a key note from HRH Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, the conference set out to consider how best to design a police service for the future, taking into account its role […]

CBT is Not a Universal Cure-all: People Always Need Choice

Oliver Burkeman’s recent Guardian article on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) falling out of favour prompted a raft of conversations among therapists here. There was probably less debate and more agreement. Counsellors know from their work with thousands of people that there isn’t one ‘type’ of therapy or even one therapeutic school of thought that works for everyone. […]

Bullying: finding peer-to-peer support online

Bullying is an issue that isn’t going away. We regularly see and monitor comments from children and young people asking about and responding to sometimes graphic accounts of bullying behaviour. Some are being bullied, some were bullied and some are afraid they have bullied others. As one Kooth user recently wrote: The reason I’m asking […]

A New Philosophy for Education

During a recent Guardian roundtable, where we were part of a group of experts talking through solutions to the growing problem of mental health in this country, it struck me, not for the first time, how much we expect of our schools. Teachers could very well be spending more time over a year with children […]

No Silver Bullet, but an Open Mind: The Right Mental Health Support

As the snap election begins to loom large, I await the flood of manifestos from parties selling their idea of a better future. More than ever, I’ll be hoping this includes transformational support for mental health. Not that there is a silver bullet. Not one single solution that can address all the mental health issues […]

Tackling the Toxic Relationship Between Poverty and Mental Health

It’s heartening to see mental health take centre stage. The efforts of celebrities and Royals in eliminating stigma is hugely gratifying.   Their efforts will reap rewards when more people start talking about mental health problems, which may previously have been brushed under the carpet or suffered alone.   But I don’t think an anti-stigma […]

Child Sexual Exploitation: Do we truly hear the voice of the child?

Only last week I was listening to Baroness Helen Newlove, the Victims Commissioner, talking about the ‘voice of victims’ and how many victims of crimes still feel invisible and not truly ‘heard’. Although I am aware there has been progress in how we support young people who are victims of child sexual exploitation (CSE), sadly, […]

Tackling the Obesity ‘Epidemic’

I’m an online counsellor at Kooth working with children and young people. Having worked in an Eating Disorder Service, this is where my particular interest lies. When I look back to my own childhood, especially when I think about food and mealtimes, I see how complex life has become for young people and the many […]

Mental Health: True Transformation?

Those of us in the mental health sector may be struggling to feel positive after another Government announcement which seems to lack funding or teeth – and which yet again seems to pass the buck to those in education. We do not need another review of CAMHS. We need to action the recommendations of the […]