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Tackling the Obesity ‘Epidemic’

I’m an online counsellor at Kooth working with children and young people. Having worked in an Eating Disorder Service, this is where my particular interest lies. When I look back to my own childhood, especially when I think about food and mealtimes, I see how complex life has become for young people and the many […]

Mental Health: True Transformation?

Those of us in the mental health sector may be struggling to feel positive after another Government announcement which seems to lack funding or teeth – and which yet again seems to pass the buck to those in education. We do not need another review of CAMHS. We need to action the recommendations of the […]

Freedom in Anonymity

It is heartening to see professional football players find the bravery to talk about the sexual abuse they experienced decades earlier. Overcoming feelings of shame and fear to dredge up painful memories requires huge courage and grit. But it also requires support. And I suspect this support isn’t there for many others who are reading […]

From e-safety to empowerment: How we can help young people

In the beginning, we tried to help our young people traverse the online world.  We clamped down.  We restricted and closely monitored their activity and we imposed rules that made us confident we were protecting our children, prescribing them with the “e-safety” message we knew they needed. But we got it wrong.  It was never […]

The need for a digital solution

On #WorldMentalHealthDay, we’ll read a lot about early intervention. There will be stories of children and adults struggling with suicidal ideation and/or intent, anxiety, stress and depression. We’ll read about the need for parity in mental and physical health care. We can hope for a commitment from Central Government and significant funding to meet increasing […]