11 August


Jesse joined Kooth after being recommended to the service by a friend, following a breakup with his partner. He utilised Kooth’s online counselling sessions, live forums and once he had ended his counselling sessions, graduated as a Kooth ambassador. 

Seventeen-year-old Jesse presented with issues such as friendships, relationships, anxiety/stress, depression, problems at work, family relationships, motivation, self-harm, aspirations and depression. During chats Jesse was listened to and given reassurance to ensure he felt safe. His counsellor built rapport and offered a non-judgmental response to his sense of identity and difference which helped him build trust with an adult, something that he hadn’t felt able to do previously. Validating Jesse’s feelings allowed him to recognise and value his emotions, and raise his confidence and self-worth.

Jesse’s CORE 10 score was 36 when he first joined, and has since decreased to a score of 6. He utilised CoGS during his counselling sessions and achieved the following goals:

  • Monitor his own risk and use a safety plan
  • Identify unhelpful thought processes
  • Return for booked chats
  • Return for chat following job interview
  • Create a safety plan for coping without counselling chats (after end of counselling sessions)

“Kooth was the first place I was able to talk about what was going on. I was hesitant to use it at first, but it’s the best thing that I’ve done. Kooth is a really nice and supportive community, and I always find loads of new ideas on how to cope with how I feel.”

Jesse has now graduated as a Kooth ambassador, an amazing achievement from when he first joined Kooth, feeling alone and suicidal. He now looks forward to helping others through his new ambassador role to support those in similar situations that he found himself in.

“I want to be able to help people who are in tough situations like I was. To just be able to give non-judgmental friendly advice to someone can really change a person’s day. To listen, to care and to let them know you are there for them. To comfort them and let them know that they can get through their troubles.”