News 19 November

Qwell gains BACP Accreditation

Digital mental health pioneer XenZone has achieved highly regarded accreditation from the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) for Qwell, its online counselling and emotional wellbeing service for adults. The accreditation acknowledges high standards of knowledge, experience and development in counselling and psychotherapy. 

XenZone already holds the accreditation for Kooth (for children and young people) and now adds accreditation for its adult service, Qwell.

Commenting on the BACP’s award, XenZone Clinical Director Dr Lynne Green commented: “Recognition from the BACP demonstrates the high level of clinical expertise in the organisation. Both of our commissioned services – Kooth for young people and Qwell for adults – are BACP accredited. We will continue with the same clinical rigour we have always applied as we look to develop new services and endeavour to support more children, young people and adults.”

Qwell is commissioned by clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), local authorities and councils and offered free at the point of use to anyone over 18 needing mental health support.

The service gives adults access to psycho-educational materials, live moderated peer-to-peer support forums, messaging support, plus the ability to book or drop-in for online one-to-one counselling with experienced Qwell therapists who are available 365 days a year.