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Body Image: How to Focus on the Positives

It’s tough to persuade a 14-year old that there is no such thing as a perfect body and that not everyone is happy with their physical appearance. Especially when they’re surrounded by wall-to-wall body perfection on Instagram. As activist Natasha Devon wrote, “Young people are now utterly desensitised to the sight of photoshopped and filtered […]

How to Help Keep Young People Alive to the Risks of Online Exploitation

An interview with Anne-Marie Yates, Learning and Development Lead in XenZone’s Clinical Team Is social media – or being online – risky for young people? Social media and gaming is a huge part of children’s and young people’s lives – and of course adult’s lives too. It can be a great space to meet friends, […]

Creating a Safeguarded and Supported Online Experience

“Thank you for welcoming me back, actually I was really touched by the amount of people who wanted to make sure I was ok. It’s a brilliant community here” Young person on Kooth In 2018, the Kooth team spent more than 4,000 hours in schools and the community across England and Wales encouraging young people […]

Young People Deserve the Right Support for Eating Disorders

XenZone’s clinical director Dr Lynne Green, a consultant clinical psychologist, describes some of the issues associated with eating disorders and looks to digital as a way of giving young people with eating disorders greater personalisation, access and control over their treatment as part of an integrated care pathway. Counterintuitive though it may sound, eating disorders […]

Mental Health: to have choice, we need real options

There is no doubt that extending the right of choice when it comes to mental health is an important step towards parity of esteem with physical health. Involving people as much as possible in decision-making to find the way of working that’s most helpful to them is critical. For many people accessing mental health services, […]

The Digital Path to Prevention: Highlights from the NHS Long Term Plan

The flurry of news reports in response to last week’s release of the NHS Long-Term Plan has all but died down. As we sift through the text of a wide-ranging strategy, we’ve been considering the direction of travel for an organisation older than most of us and about to enter a new digital future. Some […]

XenZone Gathers Expert Views on Therapeutic Choice, Warning Against ‘One Size Fits All’ Approach

XenZone, pioneers in digital mental health, today launches “A Thousand Ways to Therapy”, a new campaign advocating therapeutic choice, presenting views from leading experts on the importance of choice and highlighting the risk of a ‘one size fits all’ approach to mental health. The campaign seeks to gather a range of perspectives on choice while […]

A Thousand Ways to Therapy

Therapy is constantly evolving. It has blossomed far beyond the four walls of a psychotherapy consulting room, embracing new ways to access support, new approaches, and developing new strands of integrative therapeutic interventions. With this array of therapies delivered in person, over the phone, online or via email, surely there’s a high chance of finding […]

Response to NHS Mental Health in Children and Young People Prevalence Survey

Thirteen years is a long time. The long wait for fresh NHS data on the mental health of children and young people in England prompted much speculation. There were concerns that the new survey would show a significant increase in poor mental health, largely as a result of social media, which has grown wildly in […]

Male Mental Health: Toxic messages start early

Imagine a playground full of children. Now imagine a young girl trips up and grazes her knee. Not an untypical scene, perhaps. The girl might cry. She will probably be looked after by her friends; a teacher might cuddle and reassure her until she feels better. If that child was male, however, it wouldn’t be […]

XenZone Backs Short Film Exploring Male Mental Health

Oliver Williams is an Integration and Participation Worker at XenZone, ensuring our Kooth service is known and embedded in the local communities and works closely with local services where it is commissioned. Oliver is also a professional therapist. He has a background in education and care and has supported many people with severe and enduring […]

Long-Term Planning for Better Long-Term Mental Health

Following the Government’s recent NHS funding commitment, many of us in mental health professions are considering the priorities we should be working to over the next ten years. Conversations are ongoing in efforts to make sure we can provide the right care for everyone who needs it. One of the areas generating a lot of […]