Advisory Council

XenZone was established to make it easy and safe for all generations to access the best emotional and mental health services as and when they need them. Through our pioneering online counselling service Kooth, and its sister service Qwell, we lead the way in delivering innovative digital services to help children, young people and adults achieve better mental and emotional health. Members of the Advisory Council will share our vision of technology as an enabler for the improved mental health of the nation. They will help shape future services, ensuring these meet their own needs and that of the communities they serve. The Advisory Council sits alongside the recently created Advisory Group on evaluation and our Kooth Ambassador Programme, which provides a forum for children and young people to actively participate in the future of Kooth.

The Advisory Council will consist of 10-15 members.  Members will be organisational champions with commissioning responsibility for an existing Kooth/Qwell contract.  Membership of the Council will be for a year, though there will be a small number of permanent members of the Council to ensure continuity. Jan Clitheroe, Operations Director, is the XenZone senior management champion for the Advisory Council.  She and one additional senior manager from XenZone will attend the Advisory Council.