About Us

XenZone was established in 2001 to make it easy and safe for all generations to access the best mental health and emotional well-being services as and when they need them.

We use technology to help remove the barriers hindering children, young people and adults from accessing mental health support. 


Technology helps to increase access and removes the stigma associated with reaching out for help. We work closely with the NHS, CCGs, local authorities and other organisations to deliver an innovative approach to mental health delivery.

We are pioneers of online counselling and support in the UK. In 2004, we established the first online counselling service in the UK for children and young people, Kooth. Following the success of Kooth, Qwell was launched as our service for adults.

Digital is at the heart of all we do, underpinned by our deep-rooted philosophy of co-production and joining-up with traditional services. We work with stakeholders, commissioners and partners to develop an integrated approach, taking the benefits of digital and coupling them with face-to-face services.

We are Organisational Members of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP). All clinical staff hold memberships with the various bodies that monitor the counselling and psychotherapy professions, such as the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy, the Health Professions Council and the BACP.

Our Vision and Values

Our vision is to lead the way in using digital technology to remove barriers to achieving emotional and mental health.

Innovative – We love technology and are passionate advocates of its use to improve and enhance the delivery of our services. We continuously innovate, blending digital delivery with traditional methods to create therapeutic services and supportive communities which are user-centered, co-productive and effective.

Team players – We respect, listen to and communicate with, our staff, customers, suppliers, and community, striving to be honest, friendly and collaborative at all times.

Long-term – We seek to achieve long-term results by providing effective solutions of the highest standard that solve root causes and core problems.

Simplicity – We design our products and services to be easy to use and run our business so that it delivers what we promise.

Focused on results – We continuously measure qualitative and quantitative data to ensure we know what’s working and what needs to be changed to ensure we deliver the results our clients expect.


Management Team

Zoe Blake


Judy Happe


Aaron Sefi

Business Development Director

Jan Clitheroe

Operations Director

Jean Lancashire

Clinical Director

Geraldine Johnson

Online Director

Commission Us

We are continuously collaborating with local authorities, CCGs, mental health trusts, charities and other organisations within mental health. If you’re interested in working in collaboration with us, please get in touch.

How we work with CAMHS

XenZone works as part of comprehensive CAMH services by providing an early intervention service through our online counselling and emotional well-being support platform Kooth. When commissioned in their local authority, any child or young person can access Kooth for free. Kooth ensures that no young person falls through the net if they’re unable to access other services. Where a young person meets the criteria for specialist CAMH services, we work with our local NHS partners to ensure an integrated model of support.

Developing the relationship between mental health and digital with Cornwall Council and Headstart

XenZone is working with Cornwall Council on the Big Lottery funded Headstart Digital programme, to support their work around developing emotional resilience online and ensuring young people have access to support and information online as and when they need it.

XenZone, through its place on the project Steering Group, has helped develop the strategy around ‘tidying the digital landscape’ in Cornwall to ensure young people know where to go for information and support. It has also provide enhanced support mechanisms through developing live forums – instant online discussion groups in a moderated and facilitated forum on Kooth.

Collaborating with The Children’s Society to transform children and young people’s mental health

Waiting times for children and young people are reaching breaking point, with the most vulnerable often having to wait the longest and many being turned away. We are collaborating with The Children’s’ Society to offer a blended digital and face-to-face model to transform mental health services for vulnerable children and young people aged up to 25.

Together we will widen access to services by removing tiers and providing a joined-up model of care. This unique and comprehensive model will be delivered across a network of partners, working with established health and social care systems and with clear pathways to specialist mental health services. Read more.

Building a future of resilience with MindEd and the Department of Health

In March 2016, XenZone and MindEd launched an Online Risk and Resilience resource for professionals working with children and young people. Development of the online resource was driven by feedback from young people, who said that professionals working with them needed a better understanding about online risks and resilience factors.

The online resource features an in-depth, self-driven e-learning session, and a directory of information sources from organisations such as ChildNET, NSPCC and NHS Choices. Endorsed by Alistair Burt, the then Minister of State for Community and Social Care, it has been funded by the Department of Health for ongoing updates and improvement over the next two years.  The resource includes information about digital risks to mental health, such as the effect of cyber bullying, as well as information and support on how to help young people develop resilience in their digital lives.