Kooth counsellor Jo Jamieson on gender differences in the mental health of young people

A recent report from researchers at the UCL Institute of Education and the University of Liverpool analysed information on more than 10,000 children born in 2000-01 who are taking part in the Millennium Cohort Study. It incorporated questions from 14-year olds on their ‘depressive symptoms’. Almost a quarter (24%) of girls and 9% per cent […]

Kooth Online Counselling Now Available to Young People in Southend, Essex and Thurrock

  Digital Therapy for 11-19 Year Olds is Free at the Point of Use XenZone, pioneer of online counselling and support, has been commissioned by the Southend, Essex and Thurrock Collaborative Commissioning Group (comprising the seven Essex CCGs, Essex County Council and Southend and Thurrock Borough Councils) to provide ‘drop-in’ online counselling to children and […]

Working for Change: How Employers can Provide Mental Health Support

On World Mental Health Day, Louise Garrod, HR Business Partner at XenZone discusses ways employers can support their staff. Earlier this summer, a manager’s response to an employee taking some time off for her mental health went viral. While people love to emotionally invest in tales of unattainable fantasy, there was something more tangible in […]

Best days of your life? How to give students better mental health support

Many young people have packed their bags and headed off for life in a shared house away from home, having become fully fledged university students. Where once the media reported this exodus from the family home in a light-hearted way, mocking students’ inability to wash clothes or fend for themselves, the mood today is starkly […]